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Singing Cultures

Singing Cultures is a music education project conceived by Transcultural Visions. The project celebrates the origins and legacy of Nigerian Classical Music, and invites people with African or Caribbean heritage to explore their identity and cultural influences through music. 

I was commissioned by Transcultural Visions to curate a digital exhibition to celebrate the life and music of musician and composer Fela Sowande. Sowande is considered a seminal figure in the development of Nigerian Classical Music and in educating western audiences on the form. Working with filmmaker Charlotte Gingsborg, I created a short film Fela Sowande: Past Present Future, using rare archival moving image, photographic and sound materials to explore Sowande's music, philosophy and legacy. The film also features the Singing Cultures Choir - set up to create and perform new compositions inspired by Sowande and other leading Nigerian classical composers, and to generate debates and discussions about culture, identity and belonging. 

Fela Sowande: Past Present Future was screened at the launch Singing Cultures at Rivington Place in December 2016.

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