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Syzygy was commissioned to celebrate the marriage of a young Polish couple. I created a fiction inspired by the couple's real-life experiences, interests and courtship. I devised two narratives and worked with artist Abigail Thomas to create two separate books which were bound together by the same back cover. Thus both the book design and the text articulated the  couple's romance from each of their perspectives, and their transition from a singular existence to a shared experience.

The title, Syzygy, has several meanings: a union of opposites; the alignment of three celestial bodies in the sky; and two metrical feet in the same unit of poetry. And it sounds Polish! All of these elements were incorporated into the story to articulate the wonder and alchemy of falling in love.

The stories were illustrated by animation and video designer Zsolt Balogh.

Syzygy Dimensions: 14.5 cm x 15 cm

Text: Clare Moloney

Design: Abigail Thomas

Illustrations: Zsolt Balogh

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