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Segue is an immersive experience enabling successive groups of participants to devise and perform in a narrative film. I developed the concept in collaboration with artists' collective The People Speak. Using a combination of facilitation tools, devising and creative brain-storming, animation and film-making skills, we work together to spontaneously produce a film with participants over a limited time period. I  lead the devising stage of the process, supporting participants to create characters and plot-lines.

In 2014, Tate Britain commissioned Segue to creatively engage families and young people in interpreting their collection in an imaginative and refreshing way. With 150 participants, we devised ‘The Key of Chaos' – a short film inspired by iconic artworks in the Tate's collection. Participants devised story-lines and characters, story-boarded scenes, made their own props, created their characters’ aesthetic through costume and make-up, performed their scene to camera with the assistance of a professional film director, before finally devising and adding sound effects. The film was screened at Tate Britain and attended by participants and their families.

The Key of Chaos

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